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1. DUDE, WHERE IS MY SEPTIC TANK?: If your home is on a septic system and you have no idea where your tank is, the local health dept. often will have a record of the system listed under your address. In most jurisdictions it is a requirement for the installer to furnish an “as-built” drawing of the system’s location to the local jurisdiction.
2. WHERE IS MY SEPTIC SYSTEM?: If you have no idea where your septic tank is located, and the local health dept. has no record of it, you can sometimes find it by going into the crawl space and finding a large cast iron or ABS drain pipe that all other drains are connected to. This pipe will in turn go either under or through the foundation wall and footing. Your septic tank will probably be about 10 feet outside the location of that pipe, unless it is not. I said “probably.”
3. HOW OFTEN SHOULD I PUMP MY SEPTIC TANK?: If your home is on a septic system, the conventional wisdom is to pump your septic tank every three years. That is nonsense. The buildup of non-decomposable wastes in your septic tank, depends almost entirely on how you use your septic system. Many systems can go for 30 years without a problem.
4. GARBAGE GRINDER OR GARBAGE DISPOSAL: The biggest “enemy” of the life of your septic system is a garbage disposal or garbage grinder.
5. MY SEPTIC SYSTEM ALARM IS GOING OFF: If you have a septic system that relies on a pump to get the effluent from the tank to the drainfield, you will probably also have an alarm system that is intended to tell you if the tank is getting over-full, indicating that the pump may be failing. One very common issue with this type of system is groundwater getting into the tank, setting off a false alarm. This is particularly true of pressure systems whose pumps are set on a timer, only allowing them to pump at certain times. If you are on a pressure system and your alarm is going off, consider recent conditions. If you have had a heavy rain recently, the alarm may be responding to ground water. Silence the alarm (there is a toggle switch on the alarm that allows this), and let it go for a day or two until the pump can catch up.



1. ONE PIECE SHOWER ENCLOSURES: The better quality one-piece shower enclosures are those with an acrylic finish.





















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